Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tom Hulme on How to Visualize your Business Model

Tom is a Design Director at IDEO in London, where he uses the innovation and design process to develop new business opportunities. In these videos he presents a way, very similar to The Business Model Canvas, on how to visualize a business model including the elements of growth- and competitive strategy.

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  1. Thanks for sharing so importants and actual concepts.

  2. Of course it's very similar to Osterwalder/Pigneur. But then there's additional focus on
    - revenue model (as being crucial)
    - competitive strategy (still useful)
    - growth strategy (adding some dynamics)
    First I thougt it's just a plump copy. But it's adding "value". And it illustrates very well the imperative of "Blue (and Red) Ocean Thinking".

  3. Are there already tools to interactively fill out this model?

  4. @ Raul, I am not aware of any such tools.

    There are several tools (web and for ipad) being developed for the similar business model canvas.

  5. Looks very familiar. Would be curious about sources ;-)

  6. Hi everyone

    I'm a massive fan of Alex's work with the Business Model Generation book - business designers at IDEO have used it with some success

    We developed this tool with the aim of helping startups and were inspired by a few sources - not least Porters 5 forces too! We found that its simplicity helped founders with less business experience outline their model and the focus on the future growth and likely competitor reactions helped: after all, only the paranoid survive!

    Anyway, I appreciate feedback - you can email me at or msg me on Twitter: @thulme

    @ Raoul - we have an interactive tool that we use to help select startups for I'm afraid that we dont have plans to release it but I believe Alex is working on something with his canvas which should be good

    @ Anders - great blog!

  7. Thanks for the comments guys!

    @Tom - Happy you like it. Let's keep in touch.

  8. @Tom (clicking the link to your profile did not lead to a public page): any chance of someone (like me/my colleague) test driving the tool you've developed but have no plans releasing (yet) :-)?! Please :-)?

  9. @Raoul:

    my public page is:
    my twitter handle is @thulme

    We would have to build a completely new hosted instance which we dont plan to do - I'll shout out to @Anders if that changes...