Monday, July 6, 2009

Journalism and business models discussed by a panel at the International Center for Journalists' annual Board Dinner

Two unexpected quotes from the panel about journalism and business models that made me laugh:

“In fact journalists take government support all the time; that is why they got relief so that they can have tiny little boys delivering newspapers, not have to be paying attention to child labor laws, or why they got to have joint operating agreements in contravention to laws of fair trade, or why they get postal privileges”

“I’ll tell you a business model that works really well. Porn. I don’t want to be distasteful but there is plenty of free porn on the Internet and there are some incredibly successful websites where you have to pay to get your porn… …they are obviously continuing to get something there when the same commodity is available for free elsewhere. And why? – Because it’s indispensible to them, it is necessary, it is fulfilling some kind of need, and it is being delivered to them in a platform that makes sense to them at that moment. And quite frankly, we are not doing that in journalism anymore.”

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