Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rory Sutherland on revenues from mobile advertising and accidental business model innovation

Mobile advertising, how McDonalds by accident discovered the Drive-In and location based comedy is just a few of the many interesting topics in this keynote presentation by Rory Sutherland, Vice Chairman Ogilvy Group. Some quotes:

"The Drive-through window never arose as a product of market research. You will never get a bunch of ten people in a row and get them all to say 'What really annoys me about McDonalds restaurants is that in order to stuff my face I need to get my fat ass out of the car first'"

"Channel preference overrides brand preference… …some people have a very strong online self service preference other people wants to be served by other people. That preference drives a huge amount of other decision making down the line."

"What the Japanese have discovered, which the rest of the world hasn't, is that if you actually offer two channels selling something, you sell more than if you only offer one. So the question is not why the Japanese have so many vending machines, but the real question is why the rest of the world has so few."

“Be very very careful, someone refers to taking newspapers online as turning advertising dollars into online advertising pennies. If you are not very very careful about what you do, and if you establish low cost and mass availability for what you do too soon, never mind the value you create, which may be spectacular, you may make very little money from it. So think very very carefully before you go into this business”.

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