Saturday, January 16, 2010

Bob Iger, President and CEO Walt Disney on Digital Business Models

Bob Iger, of Walt Disney, in an interesting interview with Fortune's Richard Siklos.

"When we think about monetization we look at advertising, micropayments, paid-for-content and subscription"

"We believe that anything that serves consumers better is a good thing so consumers who have subscribed to multi-channel services, being able to watch those programs and those channels online, we think is a good thing. We do believe though that it is something that should be charged for."

"You have to have one hand in the future and one hand in the present, if you have two in one place then you fail. If you have two in the future then you are not managing your business day to day and that's a big problem operationally, and if you are just managing today, you will miss out opportunities or you will completely ignore significant threats and not prepare yourself for that, so this notion of protecting the present is something that I talk about a lot at the company"

"The most important thing is what is the consumer doing and where the consumer is going"

"The record industry was propped up by a business model selling a 15 song CD for $15, that wasn't sustainable because the price to value relationship was not there, and the other thing that was really interesting was that consumers knew that they could access music in much more convenient ways online and they ended up getting angry that the retailers or the record industry wasn't providing that experience"

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