Saturday, December 19, 2009

How to help this blog

Thank you for reading this blog!
One year from the creation of TBMDB, I am still surprised and humbled about the large number of weekly returning visitors, the time spent per visitor and the wide geographical distribution!

I have invested serious time and effort in creating and updating the blog in parallel with 60-80h work weeks, to keep myself and others updated in the subject, find and present interesting concepts, presentations and videos, and answer related questions by email. I have a limited time for the blog and have prioritized content before marketing.

If you like this blog and you're willing to chip in a few minutes of your time, you could help improving the content of this blog and help it reach more people.

Please consider doing any of the following:

To improve the content of this blog:
  • Comment the content on the blog, to @sundelin or to anders (@)
  • Notify me if you read or watch something that could be relevant for the readers of this blog
  • Send me an email of what you like and don't like, so the content and structure can be improved
To increase the number of readers:
  • Post about or link to this blog on Twitter, Facebook, your own blog or webpage
  • Recommend the blog to coworkers, friends, class mates, or others you think could be interested
  • Recommend the blog to people you know at other blogs, newspapers or magazines
These little things can make a huge difference. It gives me moral support to continue to provide resources for your personal development and business model innovation.

Thanks for your help and support.


  1. Hi Anders
    Thanks for taking the time to write this blog. I keep finding good stuff here, especially the videos you post - and I offend share the link to this blog.

    Just re- watched this great video with Marc Adreessen
    Don't know if i got it from you, otherwise it could be good for the blog.

    Happy holidays

  2. Thanks Peter for your support and input! I will keep searching and uploading interesting videos.

    I posted the video with Marc Feb 24, here:

    Good luck with your blog about the Freemium Business Model in 2010! It looks great!

    Take care and enjoy the holidays!

  3. This is a note to encourage you. This blog is relevant. God bless.