Saturday, October 17, 2009

Videos from New Business Models For News Summit  2008

Below is a great collection (3h) of videos from New Business Models For News Summit 2008, held at University of New York’s Journalism School, organized by Jeff Jarvis. The three videos cover very interesting presentations and summaries from group discussions about network models for news and media, new structures for news organizations, new efficiencies and structures for newsrooms, new revenue opportunities and models, and public support of journalism.

Jeff Jarvis' Introduction Slides:

Part I:

Jeff Jarvis, CUNY
Edward Roussel, Telegraph
Dave Morgan, Tacoda
Colin Crawford, IDG
Michael Rosenblum, video training

Part II:

Charlie Sennott,
Mark Josephson,
Adam Davidson, NPR Planet Money
Samir Arora, Glam
Tom Evslin, ITXC

Part III:

Upendra Shardanand, Daylife
Scott Karp, Publish2
Dave Chase, NextNewsNet
Adam Bly, ScienceBlogs
David Cohn,
Jeff Jarvis, CUNY
Scott Meyer, Warburg Pincus
Benjamin Wagner, MTV
Jan Shaffer, J-Lab
John Hassell, Star-Ledger

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  1. Great post Anders
    I just skimmed the videos, I look forward to watching them all the way through

  2. Thanks Peter! I'm looking forward to your comments on the videos.