Sunday, September 13, 2009

Zong, Super Rewards, PayPal and GMG Entertainment in an interesting panel on Monetization Infrastructure for Social Games

The panel is from the Social Gaming Summit 2009, moderated by Charles Hudson, VP of Business Development for Serious Business, formerly the Sr. Director for Business Development at Gaia Interactive.

"We went back over the last 6 months, looking at the highest monetized individual on the Super Reward platform and we found an individual who spent US$ 30000 across two games in 6 months. You need to have a model that can capture those outliers, and no one can tell me in this room a pay-to-play or a monthly subscription model that can capture US$ 30000 of value from one individual." Adam Caplan, Super Rewards

Erikka Arone, VP Business Development Zong
Adam Caplan, President Super Rewards
Renata Dionello, Director Consumer Business Development PayPal
Rob Goldberg, CEO GMG Entertainment

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