Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Updated: Music Technology and Format Timeline

Thank you for comments and emails! I have updated the timeline with recording equipment, software and music services. Please continue to provide feedback and comments on how to improve the Music Timeline! In the end I will put together a more nice looking layout, free to download.

1850 - 1979

1980 - 1989

1990 - 1999


  1. Hi

    Saw you listed some webpages like Last.fm. As a mean of discovering new music I must mention www.allmusic.com which is like IMDB but for music, a predecessor to last.fm as it recommends similar artists to the artist you read info about. Basically it is a virtual cd-album cover with info - and it is old as the street =)

  2. Hi, Anders, what a great work you put up here...
    The only suggestion I can come with is to try to make it more visually appealing, maybe on one big vertical timeline about 500/600 px width.

    As it seems to be a work in progress, may I suggest you pay us a visit at http://visualoop.tumblr.com/ for some inspiration, you'll find there hundreds of infographics, timelines and maps.

    Keep up the awesome work!!


  3. Thanks for the input and great link!! Looks like you have a lot of interesting visuals!

    I will probably update the timeline next time I have a presentation about business models in the music industry.

    Thanks again,

  4. Great work, I would like to show it in a presentation timeline on music however: 1980-89 is missing a zoom graphic. 1990-99 graphic is too small to read.

  5. Anders,

    Did you happen to finish your timeline? I am intrigued....