Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Future of Content & Telecoms: Flat Rate Content Bundles and Social Media (Gerd Leonhard @ eComm 2009)

In this presentation from the eComm Conference in San Francisco Gerd Leonhard, a media futurist, author, and entrepreneur discuss the content industry and the use of user data as payment. "In exchange for value we surrender data. I get free music, free videos, free tv-shows, maybe even free software, because I give my data to be sold or given or leased to somebody else." This data Gerd argues creates pictures of people that create enormous value that will pay for the whole process. "One dollar a week, per user, of the internet in the US, will be enough to earn the music industry more money than they make with everything else. One dollar a week. And that is not even me paying the dollar, that is just me saying I'll be part of it, somebody else can pay the dollar"

"The filters for content might even make more money than the content itself"
"The fight for control was a fight for distribution"
"The fight for attention is a fight for trust"

The slides can be found here.

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